Coastal Pile Cutter


In 2014 we acquired a machine that can easily cut through concrete pilings. Coastal Pile Cutters International specializes in cutting concrete piling on docks, piers, and bridge demolition projects nation wide. Our pile cutting equipment and technology is the safest, most cost effective and labor saving method of hydraulically cutting pilings for bridge demolition projects. Imagine cutting any size piling in just 90 seconds. We are the bridge piling demolition experts that have a patented method of hydraulically shear cutting pilings up to 54″ in diameter.

We specialize in cutting larger diameter concrete pilings on bridge demolition projects. Our hydraulic pile cutting technology enables us to cut pilings and tie beams above and below the water line on any bridge structure. Auger cast, drill shaft, and pre-stressed concrete pilings are all cut with ease. Tie beams, pile caps, and steel jacketed pilings are cut as well with a single stroke.

Coastal Pile Cutters International with its hydraulic pile cutting process and pile cutting services designed to provide shortened demolition time, increased productivity, and enhancement of your bottom line.

Our services include:


Providing all necessary equipment and a qualified operator to complete any pile cutting project.


Hydraulic shear cutting of reinforced concrete pilings, tie beams, and pile caps of any dimension up to and including pilings of 54″ in diameter.


Completing each required cut in just minutes with a minimum amount of rubble.


Our bridge piling demolition cutting tool packages are able to cut above and below the water line to any depth and even below the mud line if required.

Coastal Pile Cutter
Coastal Pile Cutter