About Us

From the first bulkhead built in 1953 ~64 years later, we are still using the same quality craftsmanship in each and every project.

We pride ourselves in being one of the best in the business

Curtis Padgett

We are a fourth generation family owned and operated marine construction company specializing in the construction of bulkheads, piers, boathouses, artificial oyster reefs, golf course lakewalls, excavation, and estuary and wetlands work. From start to finish you can rest assured that your project is being built with the best materials available to the best specifications using only top quality construction. Curtis is a third generation marine contractor and you will find him on every project overseeing that every detail is built to his approval.

We work on residential and commercial projects both small and large. We think outside of the box and have proven time and time again that we can effectively complete a project, saving time and money, in which others thought to be difficult or impossible. Our expertise shows on each project.

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